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Again and again they go into love-making and there is fear. The woman remains frigid and the man becomes so afraid that he cannot stay in that state any longer. The very fear makes him ejaculate sooner than is natural, and the woman remains rigid, closed, holding herself. Now orgasm has disappeared from the world because of the fear. In the deepest orgasm death penetrates; you feel as if you are dying. If a woman goes into orgasm she starts moaning, she starts crying, screaming. She may even start saying, 'I am dying. Don't kill me!' That actually happens. If a woman goes into orgasm she will start mumbling, she will start saying that 'I am dying! Don't kill me! Stop!' A moment comes in deep orgasm where ego cannot exist, death penetrates. But that is the beauty of orgasm.

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And ultimately, when you drop your mind, it will look like insanity. In the beginning it looks like insanity; ultimately it proves to be the only sanity in the world. But that is only later on, when the mind is dropped.

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