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Think of doubt and trust as complementary: just as man and woman are, just as night and day, summer and winter, life and death. Always think of those pairs in terms of inevitable complementariness, never think in terms of opposition. Even though on the surface they seem to be opposed, deep down they are friends, helping each other. Think of a person who has no trust: he will not have any doubt either, because he has nothing to doubt about. Just think of a person who has no trust at all -- how can he doubt, what has he to doubt? Only a man of trust has something to doubt. Because you trust, hence you doubt. Your doubt proves your trust, not otherwise. Think of a man who cannot doubt -- how can he trust? If he is even incapable of doubt, how can he be capable of trust?

The Secret of Secrets I, chap. 2



Be with me! If you forget my words, nothing is lost. But if you carry only my words and you forget me, everything is lost.

The Search 5


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