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Thoughts are the layer of dust on your mind. It is because of thoughts, too many thoughts, that your reflections are not true to reality. They interfere, they continuously distort, they manipulate. They never allow the thing to be reflected as it is. Once thoughts have been dropped, once you have come to a point when your mind is contentless, you just are, no thought moving in you, then nothing is distorted. Then the lake of your consciousness is absolutely still, no waves, not even ripples. Then the moon and the stars -- all are reflected in their great splendor. The lake becomes a mirror.

The Secret #13


And ultimately, when you drop your mind, it will look like insanity. In the beginning it looks like insanity; ultimately it proves to be the only sanity in the world. But that is only later on, when the mind is dropped.

dhammapada 5-9



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