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Temples and mosques were designed and constructed for this very purpose; they were meant to conserve special kinds of vibes and energies, which are conducive to the growth of the seekers. Sometimes you find, on visiting a place, that your thoughts have suddenly changed, although you don't know that the particular place has a hand in it. You think that the change has occurred by itself. At times you find that on visiting a particular person you are a different person--different from what you were. You find that a different facet of your personality has come to the fore. Then you think that it is just a matter of changing moods. But the matter is not that simple....
The truth is that the pyramids were especially constructed for spiritual purposes; they were places where spiritual sadhana could be carried on with great ease and advantage. And it was for spiritual purposes that the dead bodies of special people were preserved in them.
In Tibet, dead bodies of great bodhisattvas, highly advanced souls, some of which are thousands of years old--have been preserved in very deep and secret caves. The body that Buddha had was not an ordinary body. Even the physical body, with which the great soul of Buddha had been associated for eighty years, was not an ordinary thing. It was immeasurably precious and great. This body had absorbed and assimilated the rare vibes of Buddha for eighty years. It is difficult to say if a phenomenon like that will happen on this earth again.

In search of the Miracolous Vol.1 Chap.12

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